Advanced Settings

There are a few advanced settings located within the Intelligems app. This article will walk you through what those are, and how to set them.

In this article:

❗The advanced settings are located in the Settings page of the Intelligems App. If you do not see this in your app, please email to receive access to this section of the settings page.

Intercept ATC XHR

By default, this is turned on in order to correctly change your prices using checkout scripts. When a user presses 'Add to Cart' with this setting on, the XHR script sent from the site to Shopify is intercepted and modified by Intelligems before sending to Shopify.

Currency Format

Specifies format for how currencies are displayed on your website. When editing this field, make sure to press 'Validate' before pressing Save Configurations.

Currency Format Structure:

"options": {
"localeMatcher": "string",
"style": "string",
"currency": "string",
"currencyDisplay": "string",
"currencySign": "string",
"useGrouping": boolean,
"minimumIntegerDigits": number,
"minimumFractionDigits": number,
"maximumFractionDigits": number,
"minimumSignificantDigits": number,
"maximumSignificantDigits": number,
"symbol": "string",
"suffix": "string",
"removeTrailingZeros": boolean,

Currency Format Example

"options": {
"minimumFractionDigits": 0,
"symbol": "$",
"suffix": " USD",

See documentation here for more information on the options object.

Currency Function

Specifies which currency function to use when adding our prices to your site. If you use a standard formatMoney function in your window.theme object (i.e. window.theme.Currency.formatMoney), you can insert that into this field like this: window.theme.Currency.formatMoney. You can also create a custom formatMoney function in your theme.liquid file.

Custom Currency Function

try {
window.igCurrencyFn = (price) => {
let code = "USD";
const value = `; ${document.cookie}`;
const parts = value.split(`; cart_currency=`);
if (parts.length === 2) {
code = parts.pop().split(";").shift();

const formatter = new Intl.NumberFormat("en-US", {
style: "currency",
currency: code,

return `<span class=money>${formatter.format(price/100)} ${code} </span>`;
} catch (error) {