How to set up a Theme Test with Intelligems

Theme testing allows you to split test Shopify themes to determine which is the best for conversion, revenue, and profit

Step 1: Set up a Content Test, with a test group for each theme

If it's your first time setting up a content test, follow our guide here.

Step 2: Set up "Theme Redirects" in the Experiment Wizard

Advance to the "Theme Redirects" step in the Intelligems experiment wizard, and choose "Yes":

Then, choose the theme you'd like to test for each test group from the dropdown:

Note: Make sure the Intelligems script is installed in all themes that you're testing!

Step 3: Save your experiment

Continue through the steps in the experiment wizard until you reach "Save Test," and you're all set!


Note: product page templates are set at the product level, and the template name must be available in the live theme. When testing two different themes, make sure the template names match, so that the templates you've chosen for each product exist in both themes. If the product pages look correct when previewing the test theme(s), then you're good to go!