How to set up Content Tests in the App

Step 1: Create a new test

Navigate to the 'A/B Tests' tab in the menu on the left-hand side of the Intelligems app. Once there, click 'Create New Test' above the experiments table. Select 'Content Test' and 'Create New Test.'

Step 2: Create test groups

Test groups are what Intelligems calls the different variants that a visitor might be split into. On the next screen, create and name as many test groups as you'll need, and choose the split of traffic you'd like to send to each (this can be edited later at any time).

Step 3: Set up audience targeting (optional)

If you'd like to include, exclude, or assign specific treatment to certain traffic for your test, you can use our Audience Targeting feature. Check out this article for more information on configuring this option.

Step 4: Set up content replacements (optional)

If you'd like to replace content (like copy or imagery) or hide elements on your site for some test groups, you can use our "Find and Replace" tool. Check out this article for more information on how to use our Find and Replace tool.