How to use Intelligems for advanced content testing

Intelligems allows you to set up powerful custom tests using its window object API

Step 1: Set up a Content Test

If it's your first time setting up a content test, follow our guide here.

Step 2: Reach out to Intelligems Support for the relevant test group IDs

Custom content tests require you to know the experiment ID and test group IDs so that you can branch your design or logic accordingly. After creating your experiment, reach out to Intelligems support at and we can provide this informaiton to you.

Exposing this information in a self-service way is on our product roadmap and should be available by mid-June 2023!

Step 3: Use the Intelligems window object API to set up your custom test

Now, you can use Intelligems' window object Javascript API to get the current user's test group for the given experiment. Once you know the user's test group, you can branch logic and styling with it (for example, you might set a class or show/hide an element to affect styling, or condition logic in your own Javascript code to provide a different experience).