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Integrating with Google Analytics

Intelligems integrates with Google Analytics by using custom dimensions. This article will walk you through creating the new custom dimension in your Google Analytics account and setting it up in Intelligems. 

In this article:

Custom dimensions allow you to filter and segment your analytics based on which test group they were in. Before we get started, we recommend reading more on custom dimensions in Google Analytics here.


❗Note that integrating with Google Analytics is not available to businesses using our Basic Plans or Core - Sapphire Plan. Please reach out to us at support@intelligems.io if you would like to learn more about upgrading for this feature.

Step 1: Create a Custom Dimension in Google Analytics 

  1. Log into your Google Analytics account. 
  2. On the settings page in the section under 'Property', you should see an option called 'Custom Definitions' > 'Custom Dimensions'.
  3. Create a new custom dimension. 
      1. Name: You can name it however you want - our suggestion would be the same as the name of the experiment.
      2. Scope: Make sure to choose 'User' to ensure that the dimension is tracked across sessions for the same user in case they convert at a later point in time. 
      3. Active: Make sure the box is checked before the test goes live.

Step 2: Integrate Google Analytics with Intelligems

Note the index of the new custom dimension in Google Analytics. Please reach out to Intelligems support using the support bot in the app or at support@intelligems.io with what the index is. In the future we will be enabling this setting in the Intelligems Advanced Settings, as seen below.


In order to achieve the cleanest data, Intelligems requires a new custom dimension per test!