I need to edit something in my live test - how do I do that?

There are a few steps to safely edit your live test, including:

Step 1: Pause your test.

The pause button can be found under the three dots to the right of your test!

If you are pausing a shipping test, we will automatically restore your shipping profiles while the test is paused.

If you are pausing a pricing test, we will ask you to select which prices you would like to roll out while the test is paused. 

Step 2: Make your edits.

The edit button can also be found under the three dots to the right of your test! Select this and make any changes you need, such as adding a new product, removing a test group (you can do this by allocating 0% of traffic to that group), changing a price or changing a shipping rate. Make sure you click through the entire edit flow and select the save button at the end to save your changes!

Step 3: Resume your test.

Now that you've made your edits, you can resume your test & keep getting results! The button to do so is right next to the test status. 

✨ Keep your edits in mind when looking at the analytics dashboard if the change could have meaningful impacts on the results, such as changing a price or shipping rate. You can always filter your results by date for before and/or after your edits to make sure you have a full understanding of the impact!