How do I uninstall Intelligems?

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✨ We'd hate to see you go! If you plan on testing again any time in the future, we recommend moving to a Pause Plan instead of uninstalling - this will allow you to keep the integration live so it's easy to start a new test down the road, as well as maintain access to the analytics from any tests you've already run. If this sounds like a better option, please reach out to to get set up with a Pause Plan.

Step 1: Stop any tests.

Confirm that you've stopped any tests or campaigns from within the app! You'll want to make sure you also rolled out the winners while doing this - see more details on how to end a Price Test and a Shipping Test at each of those links.

Step 2: Uninstall the app via Shopify.

Follow Shopify's steps here to uninstall the Intelligems app - this will cancel billing. 

Step 3: Remove Intelligems JavaScript.

During the integration, you or the Intelligems team added JavaScript as a source into your theme.liquid file - you can now remove the Intelligems script from your site. To do so, delete or comment it out in your theme.liquid file. For Shopify Plus customers, this may also be located in your checkout.liquid file. The JavaScript to remove or comment out will look like this:

❗Note that if you do not complete this step, we will continue to append an igId onto your orders in the 'Additional Details' section in Shopify. Customers will not see this, and it will not cause any issues, but may cause confusion for your team if they do not know where it is coming from!

Step 4: Remove Checkout Script or manage Duplicate Products, if applicable.

❗This step is only applicable if you have run Price Tests!

If you are on Shopify Plus and ran your test using a Checkout Script, you can now stop that script by either unpublishing the entire Checkout Script (if nothing else is in it), or by removing the Intelligems script if you use the Checkout Script for anything else.

If you are not on Shopify Plus and ran your test using Duplicate Products, confirm those products are archived. See more details on managing Duplicate Products from previous tests here.

Step 5: Remove Intelligems as a shipping rate provider, if applicable.

❗This step is only applicable if you have run Shipping Tests!

Confirm that Intelligems is removed as a shipping rate provider. You can check this by going to your Settings in Shopify → Shipping and delivery → Manage by General Shipping Rates. Once there, confirm that 'Intelligems Shipping (Rates provided by app)' is not listed anywhere. If it is, please delete it using the three dots to the right and add your own rate to replace it if needed. 

Step 6: Send us your feedback! 

We are always looking to make improvements to our platform and processes! If there is something we could have done better, you have feature requests, or you just want to chat all things ecomm, please don't hesitate to reach out to