Integration Guide: Adding the Intelligems Campaigns Quantity Buttons

Learn how to add the Intelligems Campaigns quantity buttons to your product pages.

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Intelligems offers quantity buttons for product pages so customers can quickly add multiple units to cart and achieve various discount tiers. See image below for an example of what these look like!

❗You'll need the Intelligems JavaScript snippet installed in your theme to render the quantity buttons. If you haven't already added, see our integration guide here.

Step 1: Add the quantity buttons to your Shopify theme.

Paste the following code snippet into your Shopify theme code in the theme file that renders your product pages where you want the quantity buttons to go. It should be in the <form type="/cart/add"> .



Step 2: Customize the quantity buttons to match your site's styling.

You can customize the Intelligems Campaigns quantity buttons in the widget library located in the Campaigns tab. Stylizing options available include:

  • Button styles
  • Button primary, secondary and border colors
  • Customizable for both desktop and mobile