Intelligems Integration Service

Interested in having the Intelligems team perform the integration for you? Learn more here.

✨ If you're looking for information on self-integrating with Intelligems, check out our integration guides here.

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While many merchants choose to integrate Intelligems on their own, you can also choose to have Intelligems perform the integration. For more involved integrations (for instance if your store offers subscription products), we'll also recommend having Intelligems perform the integration for you.

This article will take you through what we'll do as part of the integration, what we'll still need from you, timing and other aspects of our integration service.

✨ We highly recommend scheduling an onboarding call before getting started so we can give you more information specific to your store and testing needs. Click here to book!

What we'll do

Integrations can vary widely but, should you choose to have Intelligems perform the integration, we will take some (or all) of the following actions:

  • Request collaborator access to your store (read more about what we'll request and why here)
  • Install the Intelligems app
  • Create a copy of your theme (so we can make changes without affecting your live site)
  • Add Intelligems javascript directly to your theme code (read more here)
  • Depending on which type of test you're running and, we may:
    • Make further changes to your theme code, including potential additions of custom javascript
    • Create / edit checkout scripts
    • Tag areas of your site that display prices (read more here, relevant for price tests only)
    • Make changes to your shipping settings (relevant for shipping tests only)
  • QA the modified theme and send a preview to you
  • Once you give us the go-ahead we will publish the duplicate theme, which will be required to launch any tests

What we'll need from you

If you choose to have Intelligems perform the integration, we will handle the theme and other changes outlined above, which are required to get Intelligems working on your online store. We will still ask for your assistance in the following areas:

  • Test design - it helps if we know this sooner so we can tailor the integration appropriately. We do offer additional services for assistance with test design / roadmap for customers on our Plus Plans (learn more here)
  • Non-standard / external references - we look for references to prices and shipping offers in standard places (i.e. collections pages, PDPs, in-cart upsells, etc.), but if you reference price in other places (i.e. hardcoded text, eternally in ads / emails, etc.), please flag that for us so we can address them accordingly
  • Dev contact - we are often able to get Intelligems live without speaking to a member of your dev team. However, it's helpful to know who to reach out to in the in case that we do run into issues / questions
  • QA - we do everything we can to make ensure the integration with your site is successful and that the experience is seamless for your visitors. However, we also acknowledge that you know your site better than we ever well so recommend reviewing in depth during QA, before launching any tests

To learn more about best practices while your test is live, see our article here.


Integrations typically take 2-5 business days, depending on the complexity of your store and testing requirements.

Version control

By default, we'll do our work in a copy of your theme so no changes affect your live site until you've had a chance to review and QA. We are happy to work with you to meet other version control requirements you have. Some examples of ways we've worked with customers include:

  • Opening a git branch
  • Providing diff files for theme / other changes


Pricing for Intelligems-led integrations vary based on complexity. Speak to an onboarding specialist to get a quote - visit the page here to schedule an onboarding session.