Onboarding Overview

After following the steps in this article, you'll have Intelligems integrated with your site and be ready to start testing.

In this article:

Step 1: Download the Intelligems App.

The app can be found at here on the Shopify app store. No code will be injected into your site when you download!

Step 2: Schedule an onboarding call with the Intelligems team.

If you have not already met with someone from the Intelligems team, we recommend booking time through this link to discuss next steps and anything that may be unique about your site or testing plan. 

Step 3: Grant Intelligems Collaborator Access.

If Intelligems is completing the integration for you, after our onboarding call, the Intelligems team will send a Shopify Collaborator Request. We need these permissions in order to make the necessary changes.

✨ Note that we will duplicate your live theme and make changes in that duplicate. After it's QA'd and you have approved, we will push to the main theme so our changes are in there.

If you are completing the integration, the Intelligems team may still send a Shopify Collaborator request to help with any troubleshooting or QA needs. 

❗If your store has a Collaborator Access Request Code, please provide this to the Intelligems team.

Step 4: Approve billing.

You can select your plan and approve billing from the Settings page in the app. Check out more information on our plans here.

Step 5: Set up your test.

Open the app and set up your first test! It is helpful to do this before completing the integration so that there is a test to preview - don't worry, it won't be going live right away and you can always make edits before launching it! A few helpful articles to get you through this step:

Step 6: Complete the integration.

Depending on whether you are having Intelligems complete the integration or your team is leading it, this process can look a bit different.

If Intelligems is completing the integration for you, we will keep you updated on where our engineers are at and what our expected timeline is! Typically they can complete the integration in about 2-5 business days, provided we don't run into any edge cases on the integration and there is no backlog. The Intelligems team will then perform QA and send you a preview video of the test when it is ready to go!

If you are completing the integrationplease reference the below articles, depending on which type of test you are starting with and what version of Shopify you are on.

Step 7: Publish the Intelligems Integration theme and start your test!

If Intelligems is completing the integration for youwe will make all of our changes in a duplicate of your theme called 'Intelligems Integration'. The next step will be for you to publish this theme, or if you'd prefer, move those changes to your live theme. Once this is done, you can hit 'Start' on your test! 

If you are completing the integrationconfirm your changes are in the live theme and hit 'Start' on your test!

Here are more details on starting Pricing Tests and Shipping Tests, regardless of who completed the integration.