I'm in Preview Mode to QA my Price Test, but when I add a test product to cart, the price is incorrect. What's wrong?

Shopify Plus members using checkout scripts for their integration may notice a discrepancy in the cart prices during preview mode that will go away once a test is live!

This is because there is one integration step left, which will occur when the test is started. At that time, the Intelligems app will update the Shopify price to be the highest price in the test, and then for users who are in a lower price group, we will calculate a discount behind the scenes.

If you'd like to confirm the math is working while still in preview mode, we recommend adding to cart while in the control group. The price on this should be equal to the control price minus the difference between the highest price in the test and the control price. For example, if your control price is $79.95 and the highest price in the test is $87.95, you should expect the price to be $71.95 when you add to cart in the control group since the difference is $9.

If you are only testing prices lower than the control, then you should not see any discrepancies when testing in Preview Mode since the control price is the highest price in the test.