What additional steps do I need to take if I use another software to manage product prices?

If you use another software to manage product prices (e.g. NetSuite), while running a test you may also need to update test product prices there to the highest test price.

For stores on Shopify Plus:

As described here, when you start a price test on your Shopify Plus store, the Intelligems Wizard will automatically update your product prices in Shopify to the highest price in the test for each product. If you use another software (like NetSuite) to manage/push prices to Shopify, you'll need to also update the product prices in NetSuite to the highest price for each product. 

  1. You can download a CSV with your product ids, SKUs, and test group prices in the "Set Prices" step of test setup. Please note that this file will contain prices for each test group, though you'll want to import only the highest price for each product. You can edit this CSV for import into your price management software (like NetSuite) according to the required format.  Screen Shot 2023-04-04 at 2.17.33 PM
  2. Start your price test in the Intelligems App. Please select 'Yes, update my prices and start my test' in the pop-up.
  3. Update prices to the highest test prices in your price management software ASAP after starting the test (using the data from the downloaded CSV if preferred). As long as prices are updated before the software syncs to Shopify, then the test will work as expected.