QAing your Price Test

Confirm that everything is working as expected before starting your Price Test by following these steps.

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✨ Use this article as a checklist every time you are launching a new test!

❗This QA list is specific to a pricing test. If you are QAing a shipping test, please check out this article!

Step 1: Integration Mode Checks

We will start off by checking a few things in Integration Mode, which you can enter by adding ?ig-integration=true to the end of your website's URL. Once that is enabled, you can go to any collection page on your site to start, but we find that the 'Shop All' page is often the easiest place to check items one through three.

  1. Confirm that any prices tagged in blue are not part of the test. Blue highlighting means we recognize that it is a price, but it is not being changed by the Intelligems app for the test you are previewing. This is important as you may test this price in the future, so we want to make sure we know it's a price. 
    1. Is the price of a product that is included in the test highlighted blue? This most likely means that we are not able to tell which product and/or variant ID this price is for. Follow these steps to add the data-product-id and/or data-variant-id to that price element so that we are able to tell which product it is for!
  2. Confirm that any prices tagged in orange are part of the test. Orange highlighting means we recognize that it is a price, and it is being changed by the Intelligems app in accordance with the different groups for the test you are previewing
  3. Confirm that the price for each product and variant that are part of the test matches the test designed in the app for all test groups. You can switch groups with the 'Test Groups' drop down in the widget. In addition to the 'Shop All' page, we recommend checking this on each collection page that a test product shows up on as well!
  4. On each PDP that is a part of the test, confirm:
    1. The correct price displays for each test group. Be sure to check out different variants if this is an option.
    2. Bulk purchase and/or subscription options match the live site and/or test design.
    3. Ratings and/or reviews match the live site.
    4. Other media, such as images, video and text, match the live site.
    5. Text is being updates if it references price. For example, text that says '20% off for subscriptions' or references value of individual items in a bundle should update accordingly.
    6. Links to other product, such as 'You May Also Like' or 'Recently Viewed' are being tagged in orange if part of the test as well. Click through these links to ensure they lead to correct pages. Additionally, compare these to the live site to ensure all types of product recommendations are being picked up in test groups.
    7. Links to test products that appear in 'You May Also Like' or 'Recently Viewed' display the correct product prices and the links work. You will likely have to navigate to another PDP to get a test product in one of these sections.

Preview Mode Checks

Once you have checked the above items in Integration Mode, you will want to switch over to Preview Mode to check a few more things. To quickly enter Preview Mode, you can click 'Exit Integration Mode' in the Intelligems Widget.

❗For step 1a below, Shopify Plus members using checkout scripts for their integration who are testing higher prices may notice a discrepancy in the cart prices during preview mode that will go away once a test is live. For more information on why this happens, please checkout this FAQ.

  1. Go through the add to cart process and click checkout for a handful of products that are a part of the test. If you offer purchase options other than one-time, such as subscription or bulk, it is recommended to try adding at least one of each for each test group. Note that you will want to hard refresh between each test group to ensure things are updating as expected.
    1. Confirm price is being calculated correctly at each step based on which test group is selected in the widget. Note that if you are using Duplicate Products for your test, the price should be match the test group in the cart. If you are using checkout scripts, you the price may not match the test group in the cart - read more on how to confirm this is being calculated correctly here.
    2. If there is custom code for creating bundles within the site (i.e. if you add all the products that are part of the bundle and the discount is applied), confirm that functionality is working properly.
    3. If you have a quick buy button on your home page, or anywhere else on the site, confirm that the price is correct in the cart when you use this functionality.
    4. Confirm that Is ig_discount or other ig items are not showing in the standalone cart.
    5. Confirm that any payment plan options (i.e. AfterPay or ShopPay) are calculating monthly payments correctly if available.
    6. Compare shipping rates to the live site. This is most relevant if there are custom shipping rates set up.
  2. If there is a search bar that shows price, confirm that it is displaying the price correctly for the test group you are in.
  3. Particularly if using duplicate products to set up your test, confirm that products are not showing up multiple times on a search page. 
  4. If the site allows for purchases in multiple currencies, confirm these are working as expected. Read more on how we handle multiple currencies here.
  5. If the site has a product quiz that shows prices, confirm that it is displaying prices correctly for the test group you are in.
  6. Confirm that discount or promo codes work with test products.

✨ We recommend testing on multiple devices and browsers (such as desktop Chrome and mobile Safari) to confirm there are no discrepancies. 

What happens next?

Now that you've QAed your Price Test, here are some things to do next: