How does Intelligems handle customers who switch devices?

Intelligems makes sure that people always see the same price in their browser, no matter how many times they come back to the site. If people switch devices, they may be placed into a different “group” on that other device.

Intelligems randomly assigns users to a test group when they visit your site for the first time during a test. We then use a cookie to ensure they are in the same test group every time they come back to the site on the same browser on the same device.

When a user visits your site on a new device, we cannot rely on that cookie to place them in the same group, so there is a chance they will end up in a different group. Intelligems does not assign groups based on other data for a few reasons, a big one being privacy. We are not collecting any personal or login information on the user. Additionally, we do not use IP addresses as these can group people by location, which is generally considered bad practice and could skew the data.

That said, we have also done testing on this and found that only 0.5% to 2% of all site traffic may be impacted by switching devices during a test. 

✨ Tip: We do recommend making your customer support team aware of any tests you may be running, and in the rare case that a customer does switch devices and notices a differing price, having a plan of action (such as a discount code) to create a positive customer experience.