How to Start a Price Test

Learn how to launch a Price Test in the Intelligems app.

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✨ Have you set up a pricing test yet? If not, please check out this article first.

Step 1: Confirm Intelligems JavaScript is in your live theme.

In addition to Intelligems JavaScript, confirm any other theme changes completed during the integration are in your live theme as well. If not, please publish the script and any changes before proceeding.

Step 2: Press 'Start'.

In the Intelligems app, navigate to the 'A/B Tests' tab and click 'Start' next to the pricing test you are wanting to start.

Screen Shot 2022-11-29 at 3.33.20 PM

Step 3: Click 'Yes, update my prices and start my test'.

If checkout scripts were used to create the test, after you click 'Start', you'll see a pop-up asking if you want the Intelligems Wizard to update your Shopify prices. Please select 'Yes, update my prices and start my test' in the pop-up. This will allow Intelligems to automatically update your product prices to the highest price in the test for each product.

❗We do not recommend selecting "No, I will update prices manually" unless you 100% know what you're doing! 

If duplicate products were used to create the test, this pop up will not come up. Duplicate products were created when you set your test up for each price group. As long as you followed these steps to configure your duplicate products, your test is ready to go! If Intelligems completed the integration for you, we have completed the steps for you.

Step 4: Check your site.

Now that the test is live, we recommend going through the add to cart and checkout process in a few incognito browsers so you can get added to different test groups and ensure everything is working as expected. If you have not already QA'ed your test before launching it, we recommend going through this checklist. Please reach out to with any issues!