What will my Shopify Orders Look Like?

This article will take you through the few ways Intelligems will show up on an order within your Shopify admin portal.

Customers on your site will not see anything to indicate that an Intelligems price test is running, but there are three ways that Intelligems will show up on orders within your Shopify admin portal:

  1. Each visitor gets tagged with a unique id that sorts them into a group. This id is passed to the order via cart.attribute for tracking purposes and will show under “Additional Details” on the order page. This is hidden from the customer. 
  2. In cases where we use a checkout script, we add a line_item.property to each item so that the checkout script provides the appropriate price.
  3. The checkout script applies a “ line-item discount” in order to generate the correct price for a customer’s product. While this shows as a discount in the admin view, this is always hidden from the customer (i.e., in this case they would just see “$13.99” for the product price).

✨ 2 and 3 above only apply if a price test is implemented using checkout scripts, which are used for Shopify Plus customers only.