Why does Intelligems need Collaborator Access?

During the onboarding process, Intelligems will request collaborator access to your Shopify store. This article explains why we need it, and details on which permissions we request. 

Collaborator access is needed because Intelligems needs to be deeply linked into your store in order to effectively run price tests. The tool touches both the front end of your theme and the back end of your Shopify account.

The access request asks for several permissions - here are some details on what we need and why:

  • Permissions Intelligems requires:
    • Orders: Necessary to track test impact data such as AOV, product mix, etc.
    • Products: Necessary to find detail on products and variants that will be part of a test.
    • Apps: Necessary to access Shopify Checkout Scripts, in addition to apps that may play a role in things like managing the cart, collections pages, reviews, etc., which will need to be updated as part of a test.
    • Online Store Themes: Necessary to duplicate a theme and update the code to integrate a test.
    • Settings & Locations: Necessary to run shipping tests and install Intelligems as a third party rate carrier.
  • Permissions Intelligems prefers to have:
    • Discounts: In general, we want to be aware of what discounts may be impacting products that are in the test. Note that this is required if we are duplicating products.
    • Customers/Reports/Dashboards: Helpful to (a) check our data vs. historical data, and (b) confirm there are no discrepancies between the data we are presenting vs. what you see in Shopify.
  • Permissions Intelligems does not request access to:
    • Apps developed for you 
    • Marketing / gift cards
    • Edit Orders / Draft Orders